Make it Simple, Make it Safe!

MDP is a Western Australian company that has been serving WA industry since 2006.

Test Pumping
Water Supply Solutions

The MDP Concept

Our Mandate: To develop and provide a method of test pumping that requires no heavy manual handling or overhead lifting, even for high flow bores.

Here at MDP, we have designed and built the only machine in the world that can do so. The patented system of multiple pipes formed into a singular member allows for large capacity flows which can be retracted onto a motorized reel along with the pump power cable. Typically, a pump can be installed or removed in under 30-minutes.

All downhole components are structured as part of the singular member and everything is coiled onto the one powered reel. The HDPE multi-tube system is not susceptible to corrosion and fowling.

Our units are computer controlled and automated such that little or no test pumping experience is required to operate them. The machine does it all, preliminary tests, step tests and constant rate tests are all pre-programmed into the unit and once started, no further outside input is required.

MDP Eliminating Risk

Engineering Safety

Manual Handling & Working Under Suspended Loads The patented system has eliminated all the high-risk activities normally associated with test pumping and well servicing operations.

There is no heavy manual handling involved during pump installation or removal. Working under suspended loads is eliminated by the use of a motorised poly pipe storage reel.

The module is controlled remotely by the test pump operative.

Step tests and constant rate tests are programmed and controlled from a touch screen and are fully automatic once started. Computer controlled VSD’s are used to regulate precise flowrates.

Minimal Exposure Only two personnel are required to operate the unit.

Night Driving The unit can work autonomously and does not require personnel to be present at night.